Adding & Replacing Shapes

Adding shapes is probably the feature you will use most. Sometimes you need to quickly replace them with a different layout.

Adding and replacing shapes is very intuitive in Designer. During the design process of the Designer we have decided to make the application notation agnostic. That means, that you can change the style of any shape at any time!

Adding Shapes

There are 2 options to add shapes to the drawing canvas:

  1. Drag the shape from the shape library and drop on the drawing canvas.
  2. Click the shape in the shape library to add the shape to the bottom left of the drawing canvas.

Replacing Shapes

Replacing shapes in Designer is pretty easy. Use one of the 2 options to change quickly the shape styling:

  • Drag and hold the shape as long as the replace icon is shown. Drop the shape to replace. It is important that you move the mouse to the middle center of the shape.
  • Select the shape(s) in the drawing canvas. Press SHIFT+Left Mouse Button on the shape.

You can select quickly a certain type of shapes in the Content Browser by using the right-click option and selecting the Select option.