Designer is a real-time Diagraming and Modeling application natively running on the ServiceNow platform. 

Designer Promotion 2020

Good to know about Designer

  • Designer is notation agnostic
    • You can combine different shape types and notations within a single Diagram
    • The Diagram content is saved as XML in a ServiceNow table
    • By default, the drawing content (e.g. new relationships) is not submitted into the corresponding ServiceNow tables, and needs to be committed by actively committing it
    • Deleting elements and relationships in the modeling canvas does not delete in the ServiceNow repository
    • You can utilize additional ServiceNow functionality on the Diagram table e.g. workflows, assessments, surveys etc.
    • Create small models by use-case, which can be maintained and approved separately
    • Connect models via hyperlinks
    • Content from other models can be added via XML
    • Open Designer for any user in the organization by providing read access to the Diagrams (could have license impact)
    • Include Diagrams in dashboard or knowledge articles via iframes, or directly embed in your websites or portals