Designer supports the creation of different hyperlinks to drill-in and link to other diagrams, websites, dashboards and form views in ServiceNow.

Each shape can have a hyperlink. The default hyperlink for elements from the repository browser links to the form of the element and can be replaced by custom hyperlinks to refer to:

  • diagrams,
  • other websites,
  • reports & dashboards
  • more...

A – Click the link icon to show the hyperlink

B – Elements added from the browser contain the hyperlink to the form by default

C – To copy a diagram URL, open the Diagrams Form, select the diagram and open the context menu

D – Click 'copy present URL' to copy the URL to the selected diagram in presentation mode

E – Right-click the shape and select 'Edit Link'

F – You can also click the pen when showing the link of the shape

G – Paste the diagram URL into the field. Clicking the link on the shape will open a new tab with the diagram. You can add links to other internal and external sources by adding the link here as well, e.g. 'https://ins-pi.com'