Repository Browser Search

The Designer Repository Browser provides keyword, fuzzy and exact phrase search.


The Designer Repository Browser search is not case sensitive, so you can just type in a search term (keyword) into the Search field.

Designer will show all entries from that table applying the filter criteria where the search term matches. There is no need to confirm the search term with Enter.


Fuzzy Search

The Fuzzy search allows you to type in multiple words to receive results where each word is found anywhere in the name of the element.

EXAMPLE: 'asset ma' & 'ma asset' will provide the same result looking for any result where 'asset' & 'ma' is available.


Asterisk * was yesterday

There is no need to you an asterisk within your search queries anymore.

Exact Phrase "double quotes" Search

Designer allows you to search for an exact sequence of words. Use "double quotes" instead of the fuzzy search in the search box.

EXAMPLE: "asset ma" will search for the exact matching of the word 'asset ma'.