Diagram Operations

Learn how to Open, Save, Export, Import and Clone diagrams in the ins-pi Designer application.

This article contains the basic operations for the Designer application:

Opening Diagrams

There are 2 different options to open a Diagram in Designer.

Option 1 — Diagrams Form

Access the Diagram Form by navigating to the Designer menu in ServiceNow and selecting 'Diagrams'


A – Click the Diagrams application module in ServiceNow to open the diagram form in a new browser tab

On the diagram form there are different options on how to open the diagram


A – Open the diagram in Presentation Mode

B – Open the diagram in Designer in the current browser tab

C – Opens the diagram in Designer in a new browser tab

Option 2 — Open Dialog within Designer Canvas


A – Click the Open Diagrams icon within the DIAGRAMS ribbon to open the Diagrams Form and have above mentioned options


Saving Diagrams

Saving diagrams have been optimized to the way how Designer users are working on a daily basis. Performing a change on a diagram will notify the user immediately that changes have been made and the diagram needs to be saved to store the changes in ServiceNow.


A – Click the orange label to save the diagram. Alternatively — and the fastest way to Save the diagram is to press the CTRL+S.

Changing the name in the Save as dialog will only create a new Diagram in the Diagrams table, when the File > New… option was selected before.
A prior opened Diagram will be renamed when changing the Filename in the Save as dialog. It does not create a copy of the Diagram with a different name!

Exporting Diagrams

There are several exporting options within the Designer. 

1. Export through modeling canvas

While you are editing a diagram in the modeling canvas you have 4 different options to export the current diagram.

Designer Exporting

Select the DIAGRAM ribbon.

A — Click on Export to see all export options

B — Click on Image to export as PNG. An additional pop-up window will show up with additional options. You can change the zoom factor to influence the export resolution. 

C — Click on SVG to export the diagram as a vector graphic. An additional pop-up window will show up with additional options. The benefit of SVG files is that it keeps the hyperlinks. Downside of SVG files is, that different viewers may interpret the content differently. Keep in mind, that the realtime indicators are only updating in the presentation mode, and not in exported files.

D — Click on XML to export the diagram in the raw Designer format. This is recommended, if you want to share your diagram with someone who can directly import it by dragging it into the modeling canvas.

E — Click on Visio to export a VSDX file. Please note, that only basic Visio export functionality is provided.

2. Export in Presentation Mode

The Presentation mode provides a quick way for any user to export the diagram as a PNG. 


Designer Exporting Presentation Mode

A — Click on the export symbol to export as PNG in the presentation mode

3. Export in Diagram List & Form View

The Diagrams List view provides a quick way to export a diagram as PNG, too.

Designer Exporting List View

A — Click on the 3-dots menu

B — Click on Export PNG to download the diagrams PNG file

Based on your browser settings the image maybe downloaded or shown within a new browser tab in your browser. In case of issues please deactivate your pop-up blocker

Importing Visio VSDX Files

Designer provides basic import capabilities for Visio files.

Designer supports only VSDX files!

Please note, that only the first page of the Visio file will be imported. Auto-mapping of shape types and to data elements is not supported!


A – Click the INSERT Ribbon in the Designer application.

B – Click the Visio icon and select the *.vsdx file in the pop-up window.


Cloning Diagrams

Cloning Diagrams makes sense, if you want to create a new version. During the cloning process, all relevant information will be replicated in a new diagram. The approval state will be reseted. 


To clone a diagram, open the Diagrams Form, then

A – Open the context menu for the diagram to show further options

B – Press the Clone button.

After the cloning a new diagram will appear in the list with the suffix '(CLONE) - Rename'. Click on the diagram name to rename the diagram.