Terms & Definitions

Here are some commonly used terms and definitions:

Terms Definition Examples
Blueprint Describes the state of the diagram, schema or visualization.
Typically a blueprint is used to describe an alternative variant of the As-Is state.
To-Be, Target 2023
Diagram Drawing that illustrates or visually explains a thing or idea by outlining its component parts and the relationships among them. ins-pi’s Business Model Canvas
Model Graphical representation of a concept, system, or structure. UPM-X Information Model
Shape A pre-defined and customizable form based on a stencil. General Start Gateway
Stencil A pre-defined re-usable master layout for a shape. BPMN.shape
Table The physical table (class) in ServiceNow where data is stored. Business Service [cmdb_ci_service]
Element An instance of an object type. Human Resources
CI Configuration Item AIX Server 123
Commit Create a future state element created in Designer into a ServiceNow table New App 987
Real-time Indicator Colors shapes based on data from a specific field of a physical table in ServiceNow. Refreshes when the diagram is loaded Background Indicator on Business Criticality