Using the UPM-X Portal

The UPM-X Portal provides a unified access point to UPM-X portfolios for stakeholders. It has two basic building blocks

  • Dashboards
  • Hierarchical or grouped portfolio information

Those two can be arranged in menu entries (‘groupings’) in the portal and made available to specific roles. Go to UPM-X Portal -> UPM-X Portal to open the portal in a new browser tab/window.

Dashboard View


A – Click the menu button (‘burger’) to open the portal menu and see available entries.

B – Groupings in the menu that can contain dashboards and portfolios.

C – Portfolio ‘Business Applications’ in the grouping ‘Application Portfolio’.

D – Content area showing the selected content, in this case a dashboard.

E – Diagram embedded in a dashboard. These have all the capabilities and features of the UPM-X and ServiceNow dashboards. You can click to those to drill into the data.

Portfolio View

The portfolio view can show information for a specific portfolio in UPM-X and make it available in a hierarchical tree navigation to the users by grouping it by specific fields or relationships. This can be configured by your UPM-X administrator.


A – Search bar to search through content of the hierarchy.

B – Grouping of Business Capabilities, in this case by ‘Business Criticality’.

C – Expanded value of the grouping – in this case the value ‘Vital’ of ‘Business Criticality’.

D – Expanded value in the hierarchy.

E – Expanded Capability ‘Human Resources Management’ with its neighbors.

F – Other grouping based on the relationship to Application.

G – List view showing a configurable list of items of the base class Business Criticality.

H – Related Links, e.g. to start UPM-X visualizations from the current selection in the list.

I – Button to minimize the tree view on the left when working with the list/form on the right.