Visual Relationship Editor

The UPM-X Visual Relationship Editor aka 'FREELUCY' is an intuitive way to create, remap and delete CI relationships in UPM-X and ServiceNow. It is built leveraging the concept of suggested relationships in ServiceNow to make sure that its drag'n'drop simplicity is only used to create relationships that make sense.


Missing an entity type/a table to create relationships?

If you are missing an entity type (a table) in the drop-down list of the Visual Relationship Editor, talk to your ServiceNow team. Probably a suggested relationship between the entity type you are working with and the one you are missing is not existing.


A – Start the editor by clicking ‘Create Relationships’ on a form

B –  The element that relationships are being edited for, its relationship and related elements. Click opens the form in ServiceNow

C – Select a table and search for elements here. Drag & Drop those elements to create relationships

D – You can filter the current view based on classes on the canvas

E – Opens the settings window (available to UPM-X Administrators)