FREELUCY Architecture

Software Design Description

FREELUCY is a native web application developed on top of the ServiceNow using the available resources and functionalities of the platform. The application does not import or export data without further customizations by the customer.

FREELUCY Application Architecture

FREELUCY can only read tables where an Application Cross-Scope Privilege is defined. Please ensure, that the initial configuration of Cross-Scope Access is completed before access granted to users.

Third Party Dependencies

FREELUCY is using third-party scripts, which have been included as UI Scripts to ensure, that the applications doesn’t make calls to third-party servers outside of the ServiceNow and customer domains. Additionally, we can make sure, that the versions used can’t be changed without authorization of ins-pi.

End User Licensing

The application does not require any additional ServiceNow end user licenses. Please see the terms & conditions for further information.

UI Pages

Script Name Endpoint Description
Editor Editor main UI Page facing end-user to manage relationships.
FREELUCYsupport UI Page referring to ins·pi support page.

UI Macro

Name API Name Description
RelationshipEditor.xml x_inpgh_lucy_RelationshipEditor.xml Styling page and logic of “Edit Relationships” button available on all CMDB_CI tables. Clicking the button opens the FREELUCY Relationships Editor window.

UI Formatter

Name Formatter Table Description
FREELUCY Relationship Editor RelationshipEditor.xml Configuration Item [cmdb_ci] Enables “Edit Relationships” button on all CMDB_CI tables by adding the RelationshipEditor UI Macro to the Form.

Script Includes

Script Name API Name Description
Backend x_inpgh_lucy.Backend Backend Script to receive data from ServiceNow database.

UI Actions

UI Action Table Name Description
Edit Relationships Cmdb_ci Enables “Edit Relationships” button on all CMDB_CI tables by adding a UI Action. Clicking the button opens the FREELUCY Relationships Editor window.

UI Scripts

Script Name API Name Description
Controller x_inpgh_lucy.Controller Controller to handle data in Repository Browser for search, commit, delete.
DataHandler x_inpgh_lucy.DataHandler DataHandler to manipulate data for Repository Browser Controller in the D3 visualization.
Utilities x_inpgh_lucy.Utilities Utilities library for different functions required by other scripts.
D3 x_inpgh_lucy.D3 D3.js Open Source visualization library. Used Version: d3.v3.5.17 Library released under BSD license. Copyright 2019 Mike Bostock.
SweetAlert x_inpgh_lucy.SweetAlert FREELUCY—The visual relationship editor— A beautiful, responsive, customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes. Version 2.8. MIT License (MIT ) Copyright (c) 2014 Tristan Edwards & Limon Monte.


Name Suffix Contains Role Description
x_inpgh_lucy.editor editor Editor role to manage relationships. Assign this role to the groups using FREELUCY.
x_inpgh_lucy.admin admin x_inpgh_lucy.editor Admin role to manage FREELUCY settings. Assign this role to selected users only.

Access Controls

Name Type Operation Role Description
Backend client_callable_script_include execute x_inpgh_lucy.editor Provides FREELUCY Editor necessary rights to read the Backend Script Include.
x_inpgh_lucy_editor ui_page read x_inpgh_lucy.edito Provides FREELUCY Editor necessary rights to read the FREELUCY Editor UI Page.

Style Sheets

SysID Type Description
Main 44edcb85db2ffb00c713562bdc961972 Local Style Sheet Contains main styling information for application.



Application Menu & Modules

Contact Support

Application Scope

Scope Description
x_inpgh_lucy The Application’s scope