2. Configure Delete Rights

FREELUCY has no rights to delete relationships by default. The settings on the cmdb_rel_ci table can only be set by the system administrator, and is not packaged by default with the FREELUCY application.

The following change needs to be performed in the Global application scope by a system administrator:

A –  Select the Can delete option on the cmdb_rel_ci relationships table and Update the record. This change needs to be performed on all instances e.g. DEV, TEST, PROD.


Alternatively you can use the following Update Set (click do download) to perform the changes described above.

To import the Update Set unzip the ZIP file and follow these instructions:


A –  Select Retrieved Update Sets from the filter navigator.

B –  Click Import Update Set from XML.

C –  Choose the XML file from the above downloaded ZIP file.

D –  Upload the file.

E –  Click on the Allow FREELUCY Deleting Relationships Update Set after the upload has been completed.


F –  Click on Preview Update Set.

G –  Click Close after the Update Set Preview has been completed.


H –  Click on Commit Update Set.

I –  Click Close after the Update Set Commit has been completed.

FREELUCY will support now deletion of relationships.