1. Cross-Scope Privileges

FREELUCY is a scoped application and requires Application Cross-Scope Access to tables in other applications e.g. custom tables. FREELUCY only reads the table content to receive the name of the tables. Further information is not read by FREELUCY.

Most common tables are already configured for FREELUCY. Please remove or deny access to tables, which you do not want to allow!

In order to create new Cross-Scope Privileges follow these instructions:


A –  Select Application Cross-Scope Access in the Filter Navigator.

B –  Ensure the FREELUCY is selected for the current Application Scope.

C –  Click the NEW button to create a new Cross scope privilege.


D –  Ensure you select the Target Scope of your application e.g. Global for CMDB tables.

E –  Enter the technical table name into this field.

F –  Select the Read operation.

G –  Select Allowed to grant FREELUCY read access to the table. To explicitly block read access to this table for FREELUCY select Denied.

Submit the entry, or use Insert & Stay to create a new entry.