Initial Configuration Steps

Summarizes the first essential steps of Designer configuration

This guide is intended to provide you with general recommendations for the minimum initial configuration steps of the Designer Application within your organization.

Best practice is to perform configuration work on a non-production instance e.g. development instance and migrate the configuration through XML file exports to the production instance in a controlled way.

Give a hook to your ServiceNow Admin 💓

To perform the initial configuration you need ServiceNow System Admin rights. Please contact your ServiceNow Admin for further support!

The fastest way to start using Designer is to

  1. Install Designer, and
  2. Assign access rights to the users.

    Designer is already pre-configured, but we don't know which tables you are using in ServiceNow. So our recommendation is the following:
  3. Review your target metamodel i.e. CSDM (tables & relationships) you want to use and ensure the Class Definitions and Cross-Scope privileges are in alignment with your target metamodel
  4. Create your own shape library with the preferred shapes

This will provide you a quick start within the first hour ⏳, but Designer can just do much more. For that, you should have a closer look at the Enhanced Configuration Guide.