Hierarchy Map (prior V4.4)

This visualization has been replaced with a newer version providing editing capabilities in V4.4.

The Hierarchy Map visualizes data in a hierarchal view by using the parent reference field, if available, and shows all related elements connected via CI relationships.visualization_hierarchy_map

A – Shows the icon and name of the Hierarchy Map.

B – Expand / collapse the hierarchy levels.

C – Shows all selected entries from the List View and their parents including the connected elements via CI relationships on the lowest level. Clicking on the name will open the Portfolio Element Form in a new browser tab.

D – Legend Panel showing different filters. Click the > icon to close/open the panel. Use the Class Filter to show/exclude certain type of elements from the map.

E – Select a Background indicator to color the elements box background.

F – Hover an elements box to see the red X. Click on it to remove the box from the visualization. Removing the box has no impact on the back-end data and removes it only from the current view. You need to refresh the full visualization to get the removed boxes back.

G – Select a Sidebar indicator to color the elements box side.