Lifecycle Definitions

Defining and Changing Lifecycle Phases

The adaption of the existing lifecycle phases and creating new ones is quite easy but requires UPM-X Admin privileges to be executed.


UPM-X Lifecycle Stages and Phases

Open the Portfolio Features -> Lifecycles table from the Application Menu.

A – Specify the lifecycle type e.g. Internal Lifecycle or Manufacturer Lifecycle

B – Select the lifecycle stage to which the lifecycle phase will belong.

C – Describe the name of the lifecycle phase.

D – Provide a short description of the lifecycle phase.

E – You can activate/deactivate a lifecycle phase to remove it from the lifecycle editor and lifecycle roadmap.

F – The order of the lifecycle phase will ensure, that start dates can only be set in the increasing order of the lifecycle phases.

G – The color hex-code will be used for the visualizations.

H – Define the target table, to which this lifecycle belongs to. In case you want to define a new lifecycle phase for Business Applications, you need to select the table.