FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to easily create, remap and delete CI relationships.

The application is certified by ServiceNow and is provided by ins·pi free of charge for existing ServiceNow customers. The application is exclusively available in the ServiceNow App Store.


By default the Edit Relationship UI Action (A) is available on the CMDB_CI base table and all extended tables. Additionally, FREELUCY provides a UI Formatter which optionally can be used within the Form view (B). Check out the configuration section for more information.


Click the Edit Relationships button to see the FREELUCY user interface. 

User Interface

The main user interface of FREELUCY contains a variety features:


A –  Select the FREELUCY Logo to receive version information about the application.

B –  Name of an element e.g. Configuration Item

C –  Icon of the element (if available). FREELUCY is leveraging the Map Icons in ServiceNow.

D –  Connection point. Click to expand/collapse.

E –  Relationship / Connection line.

F –  Relationship with missing parent/child element. This happens when data gets deleted through API or scripts.

G –  Left hand-side shows all upstream elements and relationships.

H –  Central element used to start FREELUCY to edit its relationships.

I –  Hover a relationship to see its relationship type as a tooltip.

J –  Right-click on an element to see the context menu. Use Jump to… to navigate to the selected element and make it the center element. Open Form opens the ServiceNow form of the element. Select User Guide to open the FREELUCY user guide on the ins·pi website.

K –  Right hand-side shows all downstream elements and relationships.

L –  Hyperlink to freelucy.ins-pi.com.

M –  Table selector. Shows only the tables which the central element can be connected to through suggested relationships.

N –  Search field. Enter a phrase and hit enter to search within the selected table. Leave the search field empty to show all entries within the table.

O –  Search results. Drag the elements from this list and drop it to the connection points to create relationships. You can select multiple elements through a single click and drag multiple elements to create multiple relationships at once. Hierarchal data (parent/child) is shown as an expandable hierarchy.

P –  Pagination used to navigate through the search results. Only shown, when more than 10 entries are found.

Q –  Toggle filter between Show None/Show All tables.

R –  Table filter. Click to hide/show tables.

S –  Commit button. Click to show the summary of changes and final commit of the changes into ServiceNow.

T –  Information about the number not committed changes.