Version 4.x to 4.3.x

Mandatory UPM-X upgrade steps from V4.x to V4.3.x

ServiceNow Admin rights are required to perform these changes. 

Mandatory for V4.x to V4.3.x Upgrades

This instruction is only for customers upgrading from UPM-X Version 4.0, 4.1 to Version 4.2, and V4.3 and is mandatory.

The upgrade steps need to be followed as described below to ensure that legacy content is removed which may cause issues if not removed. 

Please apply the steps below on all instances.

1. Updating UPM-X

  • Go to System Applications/Installed and search for UPM-X.
  • Select the latest UPM-X version and click on Update.


The Update will take some time. Wait until the update has been completed before you proceed with step #2.

2. Deleting Legacy Configuration


  • Open Scheduled Jobs (sysauto_script.LIST)
  • Run scheduled Job: 'ON DEMAND: UPM·X DQ Set 'Verification History' on Data Quality from 'Data Verification table'
  • Run Scheduled Job: 'UPM·X LC Delete lifecycle breakdowns with empty start date'

Please wait for Scheduled Jobs to complete before moving on to STEP 2

Commit Update Set to delete legacy configuration

Download the V4.2 Update Set and unzip.

Download the V4.3 Update Set and unzip.

Apply the steps below to all Update Sets downloaded:

  • Go to "Retrieved Update Sets" in ServiceNow
  • Click on "Import Update Set from XML" under the related links
  • Select the downloaded UpdateSet and upload it
  • Click on "Preview Update Set" after the upload is completed
  • Accept all Warnings and Errors and click on "Commit Update Set"

The Upgrade procedure has been successfully completed.

If you are facing any issues, please contact us through our support portal.